Thursday, May 14, 2009

miscellaneous edition

1. The party's on Saturday and my trusty is calling for AM thundershowers. I can handle that. Just clear up by midday, please.

2. Baking many many cookies today for the party favors. Didn't want people to go home with a stupid favor that they end up tossing. Instead, eat it. Wonka, when I told her about how I was designing the cookies: Will they be in a little treat bag with cute little ribbons that you've curled with scissors? Me: Yup. She: Is it okay if I just eat mine right then and there?

3. Mom had triple bypass surgery on Monday and is recovering very well. She seems to remember none of her time in ICU, which is great. She'll be in the hospital for a few more days at least and then may go to rehab for a week. Nothing's sure yet.

4. The semester's over, grading's done, and I eagerly await the next version of my life writing class next spring. Damn, that was a good one.

5. Our travel plans for the summer include a 2-week frenzied, harried trip to North Carolina and then up to Massachusetts. All at once. Two weeks away from our girls; don't really know how we're gonna manage that one.

6. Schmoozin comes tomorrow! To help clean! Heh. I mean, to help celebrate.


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