Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh. Hi, honey...

Steve and I are wandering separately around Walgreen's this afternoon. He's looking for a small container to keep vitamins in, and I've found what I need, so I'm looking for him when I happen upon the candy aisle. I have a candy problem. Anybody who knows me knows that. Well, lately the problem's been Raisinets and that could very well slip over into Goobers. And the movie box candy is on sale for 3 for $3! (I was just talking with my class today about this--why can't they just say they're a buck each?)

Though I know damn well I shouldn't, I'm picking up a second box just as Steve comes into the aisle and sees me.

S.: What're you doing?
A.: I was looking for you.
S.: In the box of Goobers?

Oh people, I laughed. I laughed and laughed at the image of myself looking for my husband in a box of Goobers. I wasn't picking up candy to buy, no not at all. I was just looking for you.

There you are!



At 6:22 AM, Blogger susansinclair said...

Lord knows I've tried looking for any number of things in the bottom of beer bottle, so why not in the Goobers?!


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